At its best, it affords us a sense of precaution.

At its worst, it motivates us to actions that allow it to control our lives.

After Paris, it motivated me to remove my blog, especially after I saw that someone in Russia had once viewed it. Sobering, sometimes, to realize things like that. Of course, the first question is “who”? Or how did they find the blog, since I have it hidden from search engines.

So, in a moment of fear, I deleted the blog.

And apparently I wasn’t alone, as I had read that many people were shutting down their online visibility–and especially Christians with blogs.

But giving into fear allows it (them) to win.

I don’t post often anymore…once a month or so, at best.

But, as someone who loves to write, there are times I yearn to write and have a venue where someone will read my words…not for the sake of just reading them, but perhaps that they will somehow make a difference.

I don’t desire fame or fortune. But I do desire to know that my life, in whatever way God deems best, made a difference…

When my day is done

And I’m at home with the Lord.